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Static Stack                        watercolor      
15"h  x 14"w                
Reach       Acrylic & collage       on panel   
Titusville                           acrylic on panel  
12"h x 12" w              
Black Helmet                  acrylic on canvas                         48"h x 54"w
Running Gemini                 acrylic on canvas                 52" x 58"    
Cream Patched                          acrylic on canvas      
48"h  x 54"w                                                            
All the Kings Men                               acrylic on canvas     
 30"h x 31"w                                                       
Hot Boots            Collage on Arches
12"h x 9"w           
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Jacks Jumping                                 acrylic                       48"h x 54"w
Double Stacked                     acrylic                    46"h x 50"w
Standing Stacked                 acrylic                      46"h x 50"w  
All Images  copyright   Gustaf Miller   2011
Blue eyes            acrylic,collage,panel
12 1/2"h x 12"w                         
Connect                          acrylic                                      46" x 50"
Tower 5     14 x 15w    watercolor on Arches