Connect                                                           2007
acrylic on canvas   
                           46"h x 50"w
Block Stack Cubic - Detail
sculpture     (top half of 6'3" height)
Spatter Day Dolls                  2006-2007
acrylic on panel                48"h x 50"w
Gustaf Miller
Scarf                     wood cnstr.
72"h  x  6"w  x  8"d
All Images  copyright  Gustaf Miller 2011
Gustaf Miller
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Jump                                       11/2007
acrylic on panel                  11.5"h x 12"w
Plank Carry                                            2009
acrylic on canvas                            12" x 12"
construction- wood sculpture Gustaf Miller Gustave
Blocky Stacks     wood & paint      
  ht.  6'3" - 5'11"
Gustaf Miller spattered painting 2010
Face Painting Gustaf Miller
Thinking Green                             2010
acrylic on panel                            12 x 12"