Resource Library Magazine        4/'04

Painted Mornings; The Works of Janvier Miller

The Vero Beach Museum of Art is pleased to present the works of noteworthy
Florida artist Janvier Miller in its Schumann Florida Gallery.
PAINTED MORNINGS is an insightful tour through the artist's world.  Viewers can
not only experience Miller's perception of everyday objects and places, but also get
a glimpse of a master painter's creative process.  Miller's work may be based in
Western still-life tradition but her unique approach is to transform familiar,
emotionally-charged objects such as tea pots, shoes, paint cans, garden tools, and
her own pottery into works of art with the playfulness, freedom, and mastery of the
mature artist.
In describing Miller's paintings Christine Temin of the
Boston Globe stated: "These
still-lifes aren't all that still."  The exhibition features approximately two dozen of
Miller's works in acrylic on canvas.
Miller grew up in Bronxville, NY and received her B.F.A. from Syracuse University.
 She furthered her education in Italy at the Scuola delle belle Arte.  From 1982 to
1995 Miller co-owned the Lange-Miller Gallery in Chatham, MA, and was a partner
in the Ocean Drive Gallery in Vero Beach, FL from 1998 to 2001.  Working
primarily in acrylic, Miller's large-scale canvases are marked by bold color, textural
patterns and tactile brushwork.  Miller's work has been featured in exhibitions
throughout New England and Florida, as well as in museum and private collections.
Hatched Vessel                     acrylic
20" x 18"                                $600.
Outdoor Fishbowl                        acrylic
 22" x 18"                                       $600.
Pot and a Half                                                    acrylic
48" x 54"                                                            $4000.
Exterior Flat                                                        acrylic
48" x 54"                                                             $4000.
email:  gnjmiller@gmail.com
Artist's Chair   44"  x  48"
acrylic on canvas
Studio Sofa
acrylic on paper
Bridge Pond Lilies   44"  x  48"
acrylic on canvas
One Coconut Palm   38"  x  44"
acrylic on canvas