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Gustave Miller
Black Pumps                            wood
24"h  x  5"w  x  7"d                   
Dance Instructor               wood const.
Equestrian                                                 wood const.
                                                                         18" h          
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Roof Face                           wood const
14" h                                                 2011
Mz Point & Mr Canhead         
12"h                        woodconst.
Kindergarten Backpacks          wood const.
11"h  x  11"w  x  7"d                             
Blue Nose - Face                    wood constr.
7.5" h                                                   2011
Sweet Talk              wood const.
11"h  x5"  w  x  4"             
Yellow Legs  (detail)     wood const.
Couple                wood construction
29 1/2"ht                                 
The three sculptures immediately above ( Yellow Legs, Couple, and Pan Head) are more recent than the others
on this page. They show Gustafs  progression towards increased abstraction.
Feet Up                                          wood construct      
10"h  x 9"w  x 4"d                                                           
Tell Me                                     bronze
14"h  x  6"w  x  2 1/2"d            $2,000
Blue Nose                                                wood construction
6' 6"h x 18"w x 19"d                                                $5,000
Mr Lear                                bronze
Clarinet Marcher                                                     bronze
All Images  copyright  Gustaf Miller 2011
Dolls  4" ht. +or-    Included in a Lark book
Artist Made Dolls"
Mr. Panhead           wood const.